Travel Elemental Wand “AIR”
Travel Elemental Wand “AIR”
Travel Elemental Wand “AIR”
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Travel Elemental Wand “AIR”

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A bit smaller than the Elemental wands, perfect for sliding into a robe, handbag or travel bag. This wand has a core of copper that is excellent for energy conduction. The wand is wrapped with woven copper wire that is coated to prevent tarnishing. The wand tip is a Titanium coated quartz crystal, the base is a lapis lazuli bead. The thumb pad/ indexing point on the wand is a flat Moon stone. Along the length are Lapis Lazuli and labradorite stones. The wand measures 8 inches (21 cm) in length.

The copper core is not coated and will naturally darken over time, if you wish to keep it bright you can polish it with a jewelry polishing cloth.

This is a working wand, perfect for those with an affinity for Air, general spellwork, and healing. 

The wand is not intended for children, it is quite heavy and could cause harm if it were to hit someone.

The wand is made, with all the good thoughts and positive energy I can give it, but I understand wanting to cleanse a new tool. The optimal way to cleanse this wand is during the light of a full moon. You could also pass it through sage or sweet grass smoke. I do not recommend using salt water as salt is corrosive to copper, but if you wish to cleanse it this way, quickly rinse wand well and dry with a solf cloth.

Quartz general healing, cleansing of auras and spaces, used on all chakra points

Lapis Lazuli Air Stone. Encourages self-awareness, self-expression and reveals ones inner truth.

Labradorite raises consciousness, intuition and psychic gifts, protects against negative energy.

Moon Stone promotes inner growth and strength, soothes emotional stress and stabilizes emotions. Calming.

Carnelian Air Stone. Stabilizing, restores vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity and promotes positive life choices.