Unisex Elf Ears
Unisex Elf Ears
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Unisex Elf Ears

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These Unisex Elf Ears, are perfect for men or women who like clean line and a bit less bling.  The Elf Ears have simple lines and few stones.

Black/White Bullseye Elf Ears: The Bullseye bead in black/white is the only adornment on these ears.  They are woven from Antique Bronze wire.  The measurements are 11.2 cm (4.4 inches) by 5.5 cm (2.16 inches) wide, the measurement will change when the Elf Ears are fitted to the ear.

Elf Ears sit on the front of the ear, with a single wire that wraps behide the ear.  When fitted the Elf Ears they are very stable and will not fall off easily.  They are light weight and comfortable enought to wear all day.

Elf Ears are intended for adult wear, and will fit all.

These Elf Ears are my own design.